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Video Cable for Phantom2 with DJI iOSD Mini & Zenmuse (ImmersionRC ~ FatShark)

Video Cable for Phantom2 with DJI iOSD Mini & Zenmuse (ImmersionRC ~ FatShark)
This FPV cable is for Phantom 2 installations that have a Zenmuse H3-2D / H3-3D / H4-3D Gimbal with Hero3/3+, or H3-3D-1.1 Gimbal with Hero3/3+/4. The cable is used to connect a FPV video transmitter and DJI iOSD Mini to it. It is compatible with ImmersionRC and FatShark 5.8GHz video transmitters (25mW to 600mW models). Our cable takes all the guesswork out of connecting the equipment. Best of all, the cable is a plug-in installation (no soldering required).

There are four connectors on the cable. The two black Molex plugs (2-Pin power & 5-Pin Video) go to the ImmersionRC or FatShark 5.8GHz video transmitter. The white 4-pin plug mates with the DJI iOSD Mini's video port. The white 6-pin plug goes to the P2's central circuit board (inside the plastic shell). Overall length is 11-inches (28cm).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This cable is specifically designed for directly connecting the Phantom2 (with Zenmuse) and DJI iOSD Mini to the ImmersionRC or FatShark 5.8GHz video transmitters. This cable is NOT compatible with ANY other hardware configurations and using it with other video transmitters may cause damage that will void your equipment warranties.

Referring to the photo below, a summary of each connector is as follows:

vTX 5-PIN: Video Transmitter AV plug.

vTX 2-PIN: Video Transmitter DC IN plug.

P2: Phantom 2 CAM Port. Connect this white plug into the Phantom2's Central Circuit Board (6-Pin CAM jack). This cable provides video and power connections from the DJI model.

iOSD: White colored 4-pin plug. Connect to the iOSD Mini video port. The iOSD must be connected and correctly operating in order to have a video image. Do NOT omit this plug!

Installing the cable involves disassembly of the DJI Phantom 2 which requires familiarity with working on the model. Please see the information above for basic installation details (no other instructions are provided).

This cable does not provide audio from the Gimbal's video camera.

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