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Useful Parts

Useful electronic parts can be found here.


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Self Grip Velcro Strap
SKU: #VCT-025
This Velcro type strap material wraps around anything and sticks to itself for easy bundling. Great for cleaning up your ham shack cables, mounting R/C model battery packs, or an endless variety of other uses.

Our price: $1.29
Extension Cables (Balance Port)
JST-XH type extension cables for LiPO battery balancing or general electronic applications. Available in 3-pin (2S), 4-pin (3S) and 5-pin (4S) versions with 8-inch (200mm) wire leads.

Our price: $1.19
A/V Plug (3.5mm Phone Type)
This is perhaps the most common audio-video plug used on FPV receivers and goggles. It's the 3.5mm type with a TRRS (Tip, Ring, Ring, Shank) pinout. It can be used to create custom A/V cables for ImmersionRC, FatShark, and Flysight products.

Our price: $0.99
JST/BEC Pigtail Cable (Female)
Five inch (125mm) cable with JST/BEC female plug and tinned wires.

Our price: $0.99
JST/BEC Pigtail Cable (Male)
Six inch (150mm) cable with JST/BEC male plug and tinned wires.

Our price: $0.99
MPX Six Pin (6-Pin) Connector
The MPX (Multiplex compatible) 6-pin connector is ideal for connecting battery powered ham radio and wireless video equipment.

Our price: $0.99
Three Conductor Shielded Cable with Plugs
Three conductor shielded cable with 4-pin plugs on each end. Great for making custom video camera cables.

Our price: $0.99
Power Plug (2.1mm Barrel Type)
Two conductor DC Power Plug. Popular barrel type, 2.1mm (I.D.) x 5.5mm (O.D.). Fits many DC powered accessories.

Our price: $0.95
Toroid Ferrite Core EMI/RFI Suppressor, 18mm
SKU: #TOR-002

These 0.7 inch diameter Toroid Ferrite cores are useful for suppressing EMI/RFI.

Our price: $0.95
4-Pin Header Connector for Micro Transmitter
SKU: #CH4P-V125
Mating connector for the #TX1258-080 and #TX1280-080 micro-size transmitters.

Our price: $0.89
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