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RF Power Meter V2 (ImmersionRC)

RF Power Meter V2 (ImmersionRC)
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Every FPV Drone Toolbox Needs One…

A major obstacle to owning good microwave RF Test equipment is that it's usually too expensive. It's certainly a major hardship to a FPV drone pilot's hobby budget. But a few years ago ImmersionRC helped changed this by introducing their original ‘RF Power Meter v1’ to the FPV community.
The concepts used in ImmersionRC's original RF power meter have evolved into a new product called the RF Power Meter v2. The v2 is the result of listening to customer feedback; They added a rechargeable battery, internal attenuator, and other features that are ideal for performing RF signal testing on FPV hobby drones.

Accurate RF Power Measurements

Is your FPV video transmitter's (vTx) RF power as strong as the datasheet claims? Does it actually emit its advertised signal strength rating on all FPV frequency channels? Does signal strength remain the same after the vTx warms-up or battery voltage changes? The RF Power Meter v2 helps answer these questions (and many more).

Touch-Free Race Compliance

With the included stubby dipole the RF Power Meter v2 is all that you need to perform a rough power test on any FPV platform without unscrewing it’s antenna. It couldn't be any simpler to check for RF power issues before your drone race begins.
Calibrate the meter on a known-good platform and then walk down the start line to test each quad that's ready to race. Racing drones that are accidentally set on high power (or those secretly suffering from hardware/cable/connector/antenna problems) are quickly identified.

PowerScope Mode

So let's say that you know that a signal is flowing from your radio control transmitter (R/C Tx). But what if you could see its modulated RF pattern? The v2's PowerScope mode presents you with a visual representation of the RF power being emitted from your R/C Tx. And more can be learned too, such as: How fast are the control signal's data packets sent? How well are the antennas in your radio working? What is the best orientation for the most reliable RF link?

Average and Peak Measurements

Analog video transmitters (vTx) emit a steady RF signal. Modern R/C Controllers (long range UHF & 2.4GHz) emit a pulsed data stream. The RF Power Meter v2 can deliver accurate power measurements for both types of RF signals.

Integrated Li-ion Battery

The v2 contains an integrated Lithium Ion battery that powers the meter for approximately eight hours. With auto-shutdown after periods of inactivity, a single charge will power your meter for days at the race track. Recharges in about one hour from a common USB charger with micro-USB cable (not included).
Power Level: -20dBm up to +30dBm.
Calibrated Frequencies (MHz): 35, 72, 433, 1200, 2400, 5600-6000 MHz in 50MHz steps.
Accuracy: +/- 0.5dB.
Attenuator: 30dB (Internal).
Battery: 3.7V Lithium Ion cell, 10440 size, 600mAh.
Charge Port: Micro USB jack. USB charger & cable not included (sold separately).
Current Consumption: ~35mA.
Battery Life: ~8 hours.
Auto Shutdown: 5 minute timeout.
Display: OLED, 128×64 pixels, monochrome.
User Input: Joystick.
Antenna: 5.8GHz ‘Sniffer Antenna’ (linearly polarized ~2dBi dipole).
Adapter: Male plug to plug SMA adapter.
Width: 8.6cm, length: 6.5cm, height: 3.2cm.
Weight: 40g.
Origin: Made in China.
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