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Power Supply Filter, L-C Type

Power Supply Filter, L-C Type

This compact supply filter helps clean up dirty DC power that often causes lines in wireless video images. The filter is an L-C type that uses large value inductor and capacitor components. Their values are robust enough to remove moderate amounts of power supply noise.

The filter reduces DC-DC switcher supply ripple and helps clean noisy power from a shared battery. For example, if your robot or R/C model's main battery also powers the video camera and A/V transmitter, then this LC filter can help reduce the video "noise" that may appear when its electric motor is running.

This filter is used to reduce ripple noise and similar power supply nuisances. When used with power sources that have RFI/EMI noise problems we recommend that you also add Toroids filters on all the affected wires / cables. We offer popular sized Toroid (Ferrite) core filters that are ideal for RFI/EMI problems: Click Me!


Design Update: Beginning with September 2011 production, all PSF-001 filters are compatible with up to 5S LiPo batteries. Earlier production was limited to 3S applications. If you need to identify which voltage rating you have then check the printed voltage on the large 1000uF cap (capacitor); The older design used 16V caps where as the new design we now sell uses 25V rated caps.


Installation requires basic soldering experience. After soldering we recommend you cover the entire filter board with heatshink tubing or common electrical tape (not provided).

Note: Installations with severe power supply noise may not be fully cured with this filter. In such cases a shared battery should be avoided.


  • L-C Filter circuit reduces DC supply noise.
  • Built-in Reverse Polarity protection.
  • Supports up to 25 VDC at 1 Amp (maximum); Please see "Design Update" information shown above.
  • Small size, 1.6 x 0.6 x 0.7 inches (44 x 16 x 18 mm).
  • Lightweight, 8 grams.
  • Designed and assembled in the USA.

Installation requires soldering in-series with the noisy power supply, as follows:

Installation Drawing

Don't be fooled by the cheap Chinese clones of our LC filter design. Ours is built in the USA. It has higher quality components, a double layer circuit board, with an extensive copper ground plane for highest noise reduction. They may have copied our filter's look, but they didn't copy its performance!

Instructions: Click Me!


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