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L-C Filter Kit (DiY Power Filter)

L-C Filter Kit (DiY Power Filter)

Build your own LC Power filter. This simple project requires basic soldering and common hand tools. Construction time is about 1/2 hour, ideal for beginners.

LC Power filters help clean noisy (dirty) power from a shared battery. For example, if your FPV model's main battery also powers the wireless video system then this LC filter can help reduce the video image's "noise" that may appear when the electric motor is running. The LC Filter schematic is shown on the right.

Note: Installations with severe power supply noise may not be fully cured with a LC Filter. In such cases a shared battery should be avoided.


  • Kit includes Power Inductor (L) and 470uF Electrolytic Capacitor (C).
  • Latest version, now supports up to 25 VDC (5S LiPO) at 1.5 Amps maximum.
  • Compact size, Inductor is only 0.6x0.4 inches, Capacitor is 0.5x0.4 inches.
  • Lightweight, 7 grams (Inductor and Capacitor).
  • Basic Soldering required. Simple enough for beginners to build.

Building the LC Filter requires basic soldering skills and tools. After assembly we recommend covering the filter with heatshink tubing or plastic electrical tape (not provided).

Carefully observe the pin numbers shown on the power Inductor photo. Pins 1 and 4 are the Inductor's two connections. Your continuity tester will show that these two pins are connected together (by the wires wrapped through the Inductor). Pins 2, 3, 5, and 6 are unused by the Inductor.
Solder the Capacitor to pins 1 and 6. The Capacitor's white stripe side (negative/ground terminal) is on Pin 6. Please note that Pin 6 was unused by the Inductor so it is a convenient location to secure the Capacitor's ground lead.

The Filter's input and output wiring is shown here. Use insulated wires (not included) to connect the filter to your video system.
* Pin 1 is the filtered DC+ Output for the video system.
* Pin 4 is the DC+ Input from the battery.
* Pin 6 is a common ground for both the input and output.
* Trim excess pin lead length after the filter has been tested.

Here's a typical finished filter ready to be covered with 1-inch size heatshrink tubing or plastic tape (not included). The Dirty Power wires go to the battery and the Clean Power wires are the filtered output.

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Close Up View
LC Filter Schematic
Inductor Pinout
Capacitor Installation
Wire Cable Details
Finished Filter

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