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GoPro Hero Lens Cap with Flight Alert Flag

GoPro Hero Lens Cap with Flight Alert Flag

Need a lens cap to protect your GoPro Hero3, Hero3+, or Hero4 camera? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Our GoPro lens cap is custom made in the USA using 3D printer technology and tough ABS plastic. It has a brightly colored "Remove Before Flight" flag that looks cool and helps alert against accidental recording with the lens cap on.

Easy Assembly

Assembly is quick & easy. Just snap the two plastic pieces together and slip the flag's metal ring in the cap's hole. In less than a couple minutes your Hero camera's lens will be safe and happy. The protective cap installs on your GoPro Hero camera by gently pressing it over the lens; A tight friction fit holds it in place.

The REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT warning message is shown on both sides of the flag. The white letters are machine stitched into vibrant red cloth material. The plastic parts are 3D printed from ABS plastic. Please note that 3D printed parts have some cosmetic irregularities; Minor surface finish flaws are typical. This does not affect the mechanical performance.

Ship Wt. 0.05 lbs
Our price: $3.99 Item In Stock!
Easy Assembly.
Close Up View.
Fits Hero3, Hero3+, and Hero4.
Protect your GoPro Hero's lens during storage.
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