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Eagle Tree Systems

EagleTree Offers Premier Products for Radio Controlled Models. Their video telemetry systems can be expanded as your needs grow. Ideal for FPV R/C (radio control) models. Be sure to check out the Vector Flight Controller with integrated color OSD.


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Tracking Antenna Pan/Tilt Kit

This low cost kit has the mechanical parts to create a sophisticated auto tracking (pan/tilt) antenna system. Requires EagleTree's EagleEyes Antenna Tracking Controller (or equivalent).

Our price: $91.99
Female to Female Servo Cable Adapter
Female-to-Female servo style cable. These provide a simple way to covert a 3-pin male servo plug into a female receptacle (gender changer).

Our price: $3.49
Male to Male (plug-plug) Servo Cable
Male-to-Male servo style cable. For use with FPV and common R/C applications.

Our price: $3.79
Vector / MicroVector Alerter Module (LED & Buzzer)
The Alerter Module plugs into EagleTree's Vector and MicroVector Flight Control systems to provide bright LED and loud buzzer alerts. Ideal for multirotor pilots that want to be warned about low battery and other important events.

Our price: $12.79
List price: $14.99 save 15%
Mini-B USB Cable

Mini-B USB cable. It can be used with compatible USB devices, including the EagleEyes FPV station (required for real-time PC telemetry data and firmware updates).

Our price: $2.99
Vector / MicroVector InfoPanel LCD (Display Module)
The InfoPanel LCD Display plugs into the Vector and MicroVector Flight Control Systems. It makes it easy to check the status of your Vector equipped model and configure settings at the field without needing to connect a computer or video goggles.

Our price: $27.99
List price: $32.99 save 15%
RSSI Buffer for OSD Pro

The RSSI Buffer is a tiny-sized accessory that is used to connect a R/C receiver's analog RSSI signal to the EagleTree eLogger / OSD Pro system.

Our price: $19.99
Servo Current Logger

Find out how much current your servos or other low current devices are drawing. Connects to your eLoggerV4.

Our price: $21.49
List price: $24.99 save 14%
eLogger Airspeed MicroSensor V3
The Airspeed MicroSensor uses a Pitot tube to measure airspeed. It has a built-in display for standalone use or it can be connected to the eLogger telemetry system.

Our price: $29.99
List price: $42.99 save 30%
eLogger Altimeter MicroSensor V4

The Altimeter MicroSensor V4 uses barometric pressure to accurately measure altitude. It has a built-in display for standalone use or it can be connected to the eLogger telemetry system.

Our price: $31.99
List price: $37.95 save 16%
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