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E-Sky Servo Adjuster / Tester

E-Sky Servo Adjuster / Tester
The E-Sky Servo Tester is a low cost servo signal emulator for checking R/C servos. It can also be used to program our ShutterBug Pro camera controller in applications where a R/C system is not readily available.
The emulator's 3-pin connector is compatible with standard analog or digital R/C servos. It requires a common 4-cell (4.8V) R/C battery for power (not included) or can be directly connected to a R/C ESC to test electric motor performance.

The rotary knob is used to vary the servo signal. A "hidden" slide switch enables a special servo exercise mode for servo longevity testing.
  • Uses standard 4.8V R/C battery for power (not included).
  • Variable 1.0mS to 2.0mS pulse range simulates a standard R/C servo signal.
  • Compact size, 43 x 24 x 24 mm.
  • 8 grams.

Servo Tester Instructions:
1. Servo Positions S1, S2, S3, and S4 are identical. A servo can be plugged into any position (your choice). Or multiple servos can be installed.
2. Apply battery power (4.5VDC to 6.0VDC) to any unused S1-S4 position. Important: Observe the polarity markings on the side of the servo tester.
3. In Manual mode the variable adjustment provides 1mS (full CCW) to 2ms (full CW).
4. In Neutral mode a fixed 1.5mS pulse (servo center) is provided.
5. In Automatic mode the servo is exercised by repeatedly traveling full CW and full CCW. Direction changes about once per second.
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