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Deluxe A/V Cable for TX9-500 / TX13-300 / TX1258-300 Transmitters, Pro-Series

Deluxe A/V Cable for TX9-500 / TX13-300 / TX1258-300 Transmitters, Pro-Series

Upgrade your transmitter's bulky RCA cables with this custom wire harness. Plug-in compatible with the TX9-500, TX13-300, and TX1258-300 transmitters. Very lightweight, weighs only 8 grams. Ideal for FPV applications.

It is 12 inches long and has a 4-pin connector on one end to mate with your A/V transmitter. The other end has 3-pin servo style connectors for audio and video. A JST (BEC) style DC power connector is compatible with many popular 3-cell LiPO battery packs.

This is the ideal A/V cable for transmitter installations that have an OSD telemetry system, such as the EagleTree eLogger system. It is also a great companion for any installation that uses the #CAB3X-3PSU and
#CAB4X-3PSU camera cables.

Referring to the photo below, a summary of each connector is as follows:

Cable Features

Polarity Guard: Special circuit protects the video transmitter from reverse battery voltage.

Video Tx: This 4-pin cable plugs into the TX9-500, TX13-300, or TX1258-300 video transmitter.

Yellow = Video (from Video connector)
White = Audio (from Audio connector)
Red = +12VDC (from DC-IN) to power transmitter
Black = Common Ground

Audio-In: Male style servo cable, goes to optional microphone or OSD Audio-out port.

Orange: Audio input, connects to microphone or OSD
Red: +12VDC (from DC-IN) to power 12V microphone
Brown: Common Ground

Video-In: Female style servo cable, goes to video camera or OSD Video-Out port. EagleTree OSD applications will also need the #CAB3MM-125F male to male cable (available separately).

White: Video from camera or OSD
Red: +12VDC (from DC-IN) to power 12V camera
Black: Common Ground

DC-IN: JST (BEC) style female cable. Goes to the 12VDC battery that powers the video transmitter and camera.

Red: +12VDC, to battery
Black: Common Ground, to battery


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