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Cable for FatShark CCD Pilot's Camera (Universal Cable)

Cable for FatShark CCD Pilot's Camera (Universal Cable)

This video cable is the replacement for the 5-Volt powered FatShark CCD Cameras (#RCV922-CCD or #FS-CCD-700A) and CMOS 600-TVL cameras (#FS-CMOS-600A or #FS-CMOS-PT6A).

The overall cable length is approximately 13-inches (33cm). It has a 3-pin micro plug on one end for the camera's connection. The other end has the special 5-pin locking plug that mates with ImmersionRC and FatShark 5.8GHz video transmitters. The 3-wire cable provides DC power, common ground, and video.

Cable VersionsIMPORTANT INFORMATION: The camera's 3-pin connector will vary between two different versions. So it is important to select the correct cable that is compatible with your Fat Shark Pilot's camera. Please study the image at the right (click for larger view) to determine if you need cable version #1 or #2. Then select the version you need using the Options selection box.

Note: The connector on cable #1 is 3.4mm wide (1.0mm pin spacing) and #2 is 4.7mm wide (1.25mm pin spacing). The FatShark CCD cameras that shipped from our store after July-01-2013 use cable #2 (our earlier FatShark CCD cameras used cable #1). The FatShark CMOS 600TVL camera (#FS-CMOS-600 and #FS-CMOS-PT6A) also uses cable #2.

ATTENTION: This replacement video cable is for the CCD "Pilot's Camera" or FatShark CMOS 600TVL (#FS-CMOS-600A) camera and can be used with FatShark and ImmersionRC video transmitters. It is NOT compatible with other transmitter brands or cameras.

Manufactured by Fat Shark RC Vision Systems, China.
#CAB-FS-MOL3-1 (Type 1) = FatShark Part Number FSV2205.
#CAB-FS-MOL3-2 (Type 2) = FatShark Part Number FSV2204.

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Cable Version (see text)
Two Cable Versions
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