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Black Pearl FPV Package Deal for Phantom2 (Flysight 400mW vTx, 7-CH F-Band)

Black Pearl FPV Package Deal for Phantom2 (Flysight 400mW vTx, 7-CH F-Band)
This package deal has the electronic items you'll need to add 5.8GHz FPV wireless video to your Phantom2 (or Phantom 1 with Upgrade Board P330CB-H3-2D) with Zenmuse H3-2D or H3-3D and Hero3. The kit includes our popular 5.8GHz Black Pearl 7-Channel F-Band diversity monitor, the matching Flysight 400mW 7-Channel video transmitter, plug-in cables (no soldering) and upgraded antennas. Basically all you have to supply is your Phantom2/Zenmuse/Hero3 and this affordable kit will provide everything else you need to join the FPV revolution!

This FPV system is intended to be installed and operated by experienced DJI Phantom pilots. If you are a relatively new Phantom pilot then we highly recommend you gain experience operating and maintaining your Phantom before installing any wireless video equipment.
Diversity Antennas!
The kit consists of several products (all available separately) that we have bundled together to help you achieve FPV success. We've carefully chosen the components to provide high reliability and performance for hobby or professional users. For example, the upgraded circular polarized antennas will offer higher performance than the stock dipole rubber ducky antennas.

Note: If you need a FPV system with different components then simply order the individual items and build your customized dream system. But if you're a typical Phantom2 Pilot that's using the Zenmuse Hero3 camera system then this FPV package deal has your name on it!

Here's what is included in the package deal:

Black Pearl Diversity Monitor. Seven inch screen, 5.8GHz / 7-channel diversity video receivers, dual SMA antenna connectors. LCD-RC801-
Includes rechargeable battery pack and AC adapter.
FlySight 5.8GHz / 400mW 7-channel video transmitter, SMA antenna connector.
TX5804-7CH More than enough RF power for your Phantom2 flights. Be sure to use the Spironet Omni antenna.
Spironet 5.8GHz circular polarized omni antennas (2 piece set)
SN5G8-RH-V2 Two Spironet antennas are provided. Install one on the Black Pearl monitor (point it up). Install the other on the video transmitter (point it down), below the Phantom. See photos below.
5.8GHz +5dBi circular polarized Patch antenna ANT5.8P-CP Install the Patch antenna on the Black Pearl using the short coax extension. Aim the front of the patch antenna towards the flying area (45 degree upward angle recommended). See photos below.
Coax Extension cable, 2-inches. CESS402-050 Use this coax extension to install the patch antenna on the Black Pearl monitor. See the photos below in Detailed Images section.
Video Cable for Zenmuse / Hero3
CABP2-FB28 Installation requires disassembly of Phantom's plastic body shell. Click the part number for more information.
See tech TALK text below for basic installation information.
You will need some self-adhesive velcro and cable-ties (not included) to install the vTX on the bottom of your Phantom.


Installation Tips: Please read the information on each item's catalog page (click the part numbers in the table above) for more information on installing/using them. You'll need several inches of self-adhesive Velcro strips and a few cable-ties (available from your local hardware store) to install the video transmitter on the bottom of your Phantom. For best FPV performance you must install the upgraded circular polarized antennas (ignore the black whip/stick dipoles the factory provides).
Examples on how to correctly position the Spironet Omni antenna on the video transmitter and the Spironet Omni / Patch pair on the diversity monitor are shown below in the Detailed Images section.
Ship Wt. 1.99 lbs
Our price: $329.99
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Black Pearl Diversity Monitor
Black Pear Accessories
Phantom Video Cable & FlySight vTx
Spironet omni antenna for the vTx
Example of Spironet omni on vTx
Omni & Patch Antennas for the monitor
Diversity Monitor Installation example

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