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Black Pearl 7" LCD Monitor, 7-Channel F-Band 5.8GHz Diversity Receiver

Black Pearl 7" LCD Monitor, 7-Channel F-Band 5.8GHz Diversity Receiver
Limited Time Sale Price -- PRICED BELOW OUR COST!

Our Black Pearl RC801 Diversity Monitor has two internal 5.8GHz video receivers that have been optimized for use with 7-Channel F-Band FatShark, ImmersionRC, and our 7-Channel FlySight 5.8GHz FPV video transmitters. It is a slim design 7-inch TFT LCD color monitor that is compatible with NTSC / PAL composite and HDMI High Definition video sources. Best of all, it does not have the unwanted "blue screen" when there is static or loss of RF signal.

Its compact size is ideal for portable applications and a favorite choice by FPV drone pilots. A sun shade hood is included; The sun shade is securely held on monitor and it helps reduce glare when using the Black Pearl outdoors. It can be used as a privacy shield too.

The Black Pearl's 1000mAH 3S LiPO battery pack is a simple snap-in installation that provides about 1.5 hours runtime per charge. The Black Pearl can also be powered from the provided AC Adapter or other suitable external sources.
Note: The Black Pearl Diversity Monitor includes the rechargeable battery pack and 12VDC / 2 Amp AC Adapter-Charger. The AC Adapter-Charger is available with USA or European type AC mains plug. 
You may have seen the 32-channel diversity monitors sold by other suppliers that are advertised to be compatible with a large variety of 5.8GHz transmitter brands. They claim that the available frequencies are the same, but what they don't tell you is that the RF bandwidth and modulation characteristics on the 32-channel diversity designs are not precisely matched to the ImmersionRC and FatShark transmitters' requirements. This causes incorrect video levels and sync distortions that can decrease your FPV video performance.

We know you demand the best FPV performance so we have configured our 7-channel Black Pearl diversity monitor for highest performance when used with our 5.8GHz ImmersionRC, FatShark and 7-channel FlySight transmitters. Furthermore, we do not recommend using the 7-channel Black Pearl diversity monitor with a "universal" 32-channel 5.8GHz video transmitter. Just remember this simple tip to ensure compatibility: seven is your lucky number.

Attention: For safe delivery the removable battery pack is installed in the Black Pearl before shipment. However, always remove the battery whenever the monitor is not being used. Do not store the monitor with the battery installed. Be sure to charge the battery before each use.


 Display Screen


7 inch


1024 X 600






Band F


5740, 5760, 5780, 5800, 5820, 5840, 5860 MHz


7 Channels (Band F)


-90dBm Typical

Antenna Port

2 X SMA, 50 impedance


Antenna diversity

Video Mode

NTSC / PAL (menu selectable)

Video Level

1.0Vp-p Typical, 75

Audio Level

1.0Vp-p Typical, 10KΩ, Mono

AV Port


A/V output


A/V output


Diversity receiving, A/V output


Video, Mono Audio

HDMI IN (A Type)

HDMI 1.3 Digital

Built-in Speakers

8O, 1W X 2



7~28V / 2A


Pass-Through Voltage, Max 1A


11.1V / 1000mAh(3 series LiPo cells)




Main Body

183 X 126 X 19.5 mm (without sun shade)


105 X 87.5 X 6.7 mm

Mounting Hole

1/4-20 thread (tripod mount)

Working Temperature


Made in China
Produced by Flysight, Shenzhen G-Vision Technology Co., Ltd

Accessories Your purchase includes:
1 each Black Pearl Diversity Monitor with Matte Anti-Glare Screen
1 each Sun Shade Hood (Shield)
2 each +3dBi Dipole Antennas with SMA connectors
2 each RCA A/V Cables
2 each DC Power Cables with JST BEC connectors
*1 each 12VDC / 2A AC Adapter-Charger with USA or Euro plug (your choice)
*1 each Rechargeable Battery Pack, 3S 1000mAH LiPO
1 each Instruction Manual (please download the updated manual and use it instead)

Updated Instruction Manual: Click Me!

Ship Wt. 2.10 lbs
List price: $229.99
Our price: $139.99 Item In Stock!
AC Plug Type
7-inch (diagonal) TFT display with sun shade
Close Up View
Twin Diversity Antennas
Main Screen OSD Features
Sun Shade closed.
Sun Shade Cover Open.
Sun Shade Right Side Open.
Sun Shade Fully Open.
Front Panel Controls
Front Panel Controls & Connectors
Rear Panel Descriptions
Integrated Battery
Battery Pack Installation View
Battery Pack
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