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Batteries & Power


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to airline safety rules the batteries we sell are no longer allowed on international shipments. This includes APO, FPO, and DPO military base deliveries. If your order needs to be shipped outside the USA continent then please do NOT add any batteries to your shopping cart. We are still able to ship to USA destinations. For a full explanation please see this advisory: Postal Publication 52


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Video Tx Power Adapter for 2S/3S/4S LiPO (FatShark / ImmersionRC)
SKU: #PF-002-FS4
This DC power adapter can be used to supply power to a FatShark or ImmersionRC video transmitter using the balance connector found on the popular 2S - 4S LiPo batteries.

Our price: $7.99
5VDC/6VDC Voltage Regulator (BEC), Switch-Mode Type
This Voltage Regulator accepts 6-26 VDC on its input and outputs 5VDC or 6VDC at up to 3 Amps continuous. Uses efficient DC-DC switching technology to help it run cool.

Our price: $8.99
Li-Ion Battery Charger (for NP-F550 Type Battery)
SKU: #LBC-S55-01U
This compact size charger is used to recharge 7.2V NP-F550 type battery packs. Dual power modes, accepts AC (household) or DC (automobile) power sources.

Our price: $8.99
LiPO Battery Charger with Cell Balancer, USA AC
This battery charger is compatible with our 2-cell and 3-cell LiPO packs.

Our price: $8.99
Tiny Voltage Regulator, 5V to 12V Step-Up (ImmersionRC)

This tiny voltage regulator will provide regulated 12VDC from a 5V to 12V source. Ideal for powering 12V cameras from the 5V output on ImmersionRC and Fatshark video transmitters.

Our price: $9.49
List price: $18.99 save 50%
12VDC Voltage Regulator, Switch-Mode Type
SKU: #BEC12V3A-X12
This step-down Voltage Regulator accepts 14.8 - 23.0 VDC (4S - 5S LiPO) on its input and outputs 12VDC. Uses efficient DC-DC switching technology.

Our price: $9.95
5VDC 5A Voltage Regulator (BEC), Switch-Mode Type
This step-down Voltage Regulator accepts 7-23 VDC on its input and outputs 5VDC at up to 5 amps. Uses power efficient DC-DC switching technology that helps maintain low operating temperature.

Our price: $9.95
Power Supply Filter, L-C Type
SKU: #PSF-001
This compact L-C supply filter helps clean up dirty DC power that often causes image problems in wireless video systems.

Our price: $9.95
List price: $11.95 save 17%
12VDC Power Adapter, 1.2 Amp (North American)
SKU: #DC12V-1250U
This AC-DC wall adapter provides 12VDC at 1.2 Amps continuous. Ideal for powering 12V video cameras and receivers, or small capacity LiPO battery chargers.

Our price: $9.99
List price: $12.99 save 23%
12VDC Power Adapter, 2 Amp (European)
SKU: #DC12V-2000E
This AC wall adapter provides 12VDC at 2 Amps continuous. It is designed for use with the Black Pearl Diversity Monitor (AC Adapter-Charger) but can be used in other general purpose applications too. European round pin AC Plug.

Our price: $9.99
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