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900MHz Pro-Series A/V Transmitter, 500mW (USA Version)

900MHz Pro-Series A/V Transmitter, 500mW (USA Version)

SOLD OUT / Discontinued: No longer available.

We've raised the bar again! This 900MHz wireless video transmitter has integrated EMI/RFI filters, microphone, omni dipole antenna, and more. Under the hood is the popular 500mW A/V transmitter module which has a strong reputation for reliability and performance.

But don't let the small size of this 900MHz wireless A/V transmitter fool you. It packs a mighty punch with its 500mW (milliwatt) RF output. It's ideal for ham radio ATV, R/C model video, video photography, surveillance, and other wireless video applications.

Unlike the 900Mhz wireless video transmitters sold by others, this one includes integrated EMI / RFI filters.
There's an L-C filter built into it that reduces power supply noise.  We include our special #TXF-900 low pass antenna filter that attenuates the unwanted harmonic emissions. Plus, common mode filters on the video cable reduces conducted noise too.

This is the transmitter to use if your installation includes nearby GPS receivers or other sensitive electronics. We can't promise that it will eliminate every RFI issue, but these extra features will ensure your transmitter is less offensive than non-filtered models.

TX905-PROYour purchase includes a half-wave dipole antenna (#ANTCOM-900 or #ANTHWD-900), special low pass antenna filter (#TXF-900), and microphone (#MICTM-002). Let's not forget that it is custom configured with special LC filter circuitry and common-mode cable filters that are not found on competitors' 900MHz transmitters.

The antenna is offered in two variations (your choice). The #ANTCOM-900 is a compact size dipole that is designed specifically for 910MHZ (CH1) operation, so it is a good choice for North American customers or when small antenna size is important. The #ANTHWD-900 is a full size dipole that can be used on all four RF channels, so it is ideal for the exported/non-USA transmitter or when longer range is needed.

For convenient installation, the TX905-PRO has a JST female power cable (compatible with several of our 3-cell LiPO batteries) and servo-style connectors on the camera and microphone cables. We've made it as ready to use as we could. Just add your compatible camera, battery, and A/V receiver (not included). Plus, a variety of optional accessories are available to make your installation as simple as possible: Click Me! to see them.

The photo at the bottom of the page shows what you will receive when you order the TX905-PRO transmitter (ANTCOM-900 antenna option shown but the ANTHWD-900 antenna may be selected instead). We sell several optional accessories to help make your installation as easy as possible. Please see the document links found further below for more details.

We also offer high quality 900MHz A/V receivers that work great with this transmitter. So if you don't already have a compatible receiver then be sure to check them out: click here.

Due to USA FCC regulations, all TX905-PRO transmitters that we ship to a USA address will have only one available RF channel (910MHZ). Transmitters shipped outside the USA will have four RF channels (910MHz, 980MHz, 1010MHz, and 1040MHZ). This restriction is imposed by the US government and we are unable to comply with requests to send the four channel version to USA destinations.

Features / Specifications

  • 900MHz, 33cm ham radio ATV band.
  • High RF power, 500 milliwatt.
  • USA model has one RF channel: 910MHz (FCC imposed restriction).
  • Non-USA (export) model has four RF channels: 910MHz, 980MHz, 1010MHz, 1040MHz.
  • Long range, >500 meters typical (unobstructed open view).
  • Phase Lock Loop (PLL) stability for drift-free operation.
  • Composite video, supports NTSC and PAL standards.
  • Miniature microphone with adjustable volume.
  • FM-FM modulation.
  • SMA antenna jack, 50Ω.
  • Half-wave dipole antenna.
  • Futaba style female servo cable for 12V camera / video.
  • JR style servo connectors for the microphone.
  • 12VDC operation ( 220mA typical ).
  • Convenient JST style power cable (LiPO battery compatible).
  • 2.0 x 1.0 x 0.35 inches (50 x 26 x 9 mm).
  • Light weight, only 56 grams (including cables and antenna).

The power source is not included. It must be 12VDC (9.5V-12.5V allowed). Exceeding this voltage WILL cause permanent damage and void the warranty. AC-mains powered applications must use a voltage regulated power supply. For portable use we recommend a 3-cell (11.1V) lithium polymer LiPO pack such as our #LB3CR-610.

Notice: Due to its high RF power, using the TX905-PRO in the USA and other countries will require an amateur/ham radio license (some countries may forbid its use). It is your responsibility to ensure that its use meets the requirements imposed by your government’s RF spectrum regulations. Do not purchase this product if you are unsure of the government requirements or are not able to comply with them.


USA Model Instruction Manual: Click Me!

Non-USA  Instruction Manual: Click Me!

Help! What else do I need?: Click Me!
900MHz EMI/RFI Information: Click Me!

SOLD OUT / Discontinued: No longer available.

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