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900MHz A/V Receiver with Comtech Tuner

900MHz A/V Receiver with Comtech Tuner

SOLD OUT, No longer available.

This 900MHz wireless A/V (audio/video) receiver is compatible with our 900MHz A/V transmitters. This special model has the highly respected Comtech baseband tuner module in it. The Comtech module is renown for its high quality construction and consistent RF performance.

RCA Cables Included
The receiver requires a common 2.1mm barrel type DC power cord (available separately). We offer several different types and they can be found here: click here.

Your purchase includes a high quality RCA A/V cable. Length is approximately 55-inches (1.4 meters).

The antenna is not included (available at additional cost). The
#ANTHWD-900 half-wave dipole is a popular antenna choice and can be purchased with the receiver as an option. We offer other 900Mhz antennas too: click here.

A simple monopole whip antenna is included for short range applications. The optional #ANTHWD-900 half-wave dipole upgrade is a popular antenna choice for medium range applications and it can be purchased with the receiver at additional cost. Longer range is possible with a +8dBi tuned Patch antenna (not included). To see other 900MHz antennas we carry please click here.

Features / Specifications

  • Comtech baseband RF tuner module.
  • Four (4) RF channels: 910MHz, 980MHz, 1010MHz, 1040MHz.
  • Phase Lock Loop (PLL) stability for drift-free operation.
  • Composite video, supports NTSC and PAL standards.
  • FM-FM modulation.
  • Convenient channel select slide switch.
  • -85dBm RF sensitivity (typical), 5.5MHz audio sub-carrier.
  • Low loss SMA antenna jack.
  • RCA jacks for A/V connections.
  • Power-On LED indicator.
  • Common 2.1mm power jack (barrel type, center positive).
  • 12VDC operation, 300mA.
  • 5.2 x 3.2 x 0.85 inches (130x81x22 mm).
  • 6.5 ounces (180 grams).
  • Includes RCA A/V cables.

The power source is not included. It must be 12VDC (10%). Exceeding this voltage, or reversing the power connections, WILL cause permanent damage and void the warranty. AC mains powered installations must use a voltage regulated supply (available separately) and should not use standard unregulated types. For portable use we recommend a high capacity 3-cell (3S / 11.1V) lithium polymer LiPO pack such as our #LB3CT-1800T with the #CORD-UB2 adapter.

Important note: The DC input connector is a 2.1mm barrel style connector that is center (+) positive. Reversed voltages will damage the receiver.

Instruction Manual: Click Me!

SOLD OUT, No longer available.

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Antenna Option
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Close-Up View.
RCA Cables Included
Connection Diagram
Monopole Antenna

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