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5.8GHz Micro Receiver, 5V

5.8GHz Micro Receiver, 5V
SOLD OUT:  No longer available.

This pocket sized 5.8GHz wireless video receiver has dual A/V outputs. Offers high quality video and mono audio. Includes A/C wall adapter.

Specifications and Features
  • Compact 5.8GHz receiver.
  • 8 frequency channels.
  • -90dBm sensitivity typical.
  • 50 ohm RF port impedance.
  • RP-SMA RF connector.
  • NTSC / PAL compatible, standard 1Vp-p video (75Ω).
  • Line Level Audio (10KΩ).
  • Dual Audio-Video Output Jacks.
  • Left/Right mono audio (compatible with stereo amplifiers).
  • 4.8- 5.2 VDC @ 200mA
  • 1.3mm x 3.5mm micro barrel type power Inlet.
  • JST/BEC power cable.
  • 2.4 x 2.0 x 0.5 inches (61 x 52 x 13 mm).
  • Only 48 grams (without antenna).

Important: This wireless video receiver is NOT compatible with the Airwave brand 5.8GHz transmitters. You must use the #TX5.8-200 or other compatible video transmitters.

USA Wall AdapterThis specially configured receiver includes an A/C wall adapter that accepts 100-240VAC 50/60Hz mains voltage. Available in either USA (North American) or Continental European style plug. Photo comparison of the two choices is shown at the bottom of the page.

Important: This receiver is a 5VDC design. Never exceed the voltage rating or reverse the polarity. Otherwise permanent damage will result and the warranty will be void. Because the receiver's input voltage must be exactly 5VDC, it is not recommended for direct connection to a battery pack .

The standard antenna is a basic OEM style dipole. An upgraded dipole can be chosen that provides better performance. A photo comparison of the two antenna choices is shown at the bottom of the page. For even longer range an 8dBi patch antenna is available separately: Click me for details.

The RC305 receiver is directly compatible with 5.8GHz rated antennas and coax cables that are equipped with RP-SMA connectors. It can be easily converted for use with the SMA style connector by installing a RP-SMA to SMA adapter (available separately), such as the #SMA-015.

Instructions for Setting Frequency

Frequency selection is set by the receiver's switches as follows:

Switches #1, #2, and #3 Set Frequency
Note 1: Black area is tip of switch levers.
Note 2: Switch #4 is not used.

CH1= 5.705 GHz
CH2= 5.685 GHz
CH3= 5.665 GHz
CH4= 5.645 GHz
CH5= 5.885 GHz
CH6= 5.905 GHz
CH7= 5.925 GHz
CH8= 5.945 GHz

Your purchase includes the receiver, antenna, A/C wall adapter, and one A/V cable. To use the second video output an additional A/V cable must be purchased (see part number #AV3-RC305).

NOTICE: This item is no longer available.

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