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Flysight TX5804 5.8GHz 7-Channel (F-Band) A/V Transmitter, 400mW

Flysight TX5804 5.8GHz 7-Channel (F-Band) A/V Transmitter, 400mW
This 5.8GHz / 400mW wireless video transmitter has seven (7) RF channels. It is compact, lightweight, and has a wide operating voltage. A great choice for hobby robotic and R/C FPV model applications. It's compatible with our 7-Channel Flysight, ImmersionRC, and FatShark 5.8GHz video receivers (and goggles), including our popular 7-Channel Black Pearl Diversity Monitor. Plus, it now has remote frequency change using a spare channel on your R/C receiver. How cool is that!

It has a flexible mono audio input too. Most installations will prefer the built in microphone. However, external line-level audio can be fed into the A/V cable instead. The external audio method is ideal for an audio based telemetry system or installations that require a remotely mounted microphone.

Tech TalkYou may have seen the economy priced video transmitters sold by other suppliers that are advertised to be compatible with a large variety of 5.8GHz receiver brands. Despite their claims, the RF bandwidth and modulation characteristics on competitor brands are not precisely matched to the ImmersionRC and FatShark receivers' requirements. So this may result in a slight decrease in video quality or other issues. We know you demand the best FPV performance so we have configured our TX5804 for highest performance when used with our ImmersionRC, FatShark and FlySight receivers.

Your purchase includes the TX5804 7-channel transmitter, SMA equipped +3dBi dipole ducky antenna, and JST/BEC style power cable and bare pigtail A/V cable (soldering required). Or, choose the alternate Phantom2 cables instead. Please see the photos and details below for more information about your cable choices.

Specifications and Features
  • 5.8GHz Transmitter with selectable frequencies (see chart below).
  • Seven RF Channels (5.8GHz F Band).
  • 400mW RF Power.
  • Flysight, FatShark & ImmersionRC receiver compatible.
  • Push Button Channel Select (with power-off memory).
  • LED Channel Display.
  • PPM Remote Channel Change (available July 2014).
  • 6.5MHz Mono Audio Subcarrier (right-audio channel).
  • SMA Antenna Connector.
  • 50 ohm antenna port.
  • Accepts NTSC and PAL Video, 75 ohm input.
  • Built-In Microphone.
  • Line-Level (1Vpp/20K ohm) External Audio Input.
  • R/C Interface: Standard 1.0mS to 2.0mS PPM type, Futaba Plug.
  • Compact Size, 44 x 25 x 14 mm.
  • Low Weight, 20 grams (without antenna and cables).
  • Wide Voltage Range, 6V - 28VDC.
  • Power Output Feature (same voltage as input).
  • Low current, 210mA@12V, 330mA@7.4V.
  • +3dBi Dipole Antenna with SMA plug.
  • Produced by Flysight SZG-Vision Company Ltd. Made in China.

Most installations will need the standard cable set (JST/BEC power cord and 5-wire A/V pigtail cable). However, if you are a DJI Phantom 2 owner then we have special cable options just for you! Simply choose the alternate cable set that is needed for your particular Phantom 2 installation. The table below lists the cables you can select (choose only one BEFORE you add the TX5804-7CH to the shopping cart).

Select Your A/V Cable - Choose the cable YOU need.
Before adding to the TX5804-7CH to your shopping cart please use the Cable Options box to select the exact cable you want.

Standard Cable Set. Include JST/BEC power cable and 5-pin A/V pigtail cable with 3-pin servo plug for remote channel change.
Note: This cable supports remote channel change. See below for details to the PPM remote feature.

Phantom 2 / DJI Hub Cable, #CABHUB-FB19.
Note: This cable does not support remote channel change.
More Information: Click Me!

Phantom 2 / Zenmuse / GoPro Cable, #CABP2-FB28.
Note: This cable does not support remote channel change.
More Information: Click Me!

Phantom 2 / iOSD Mini / Zenmuse / GoPro Cable, #CABP2-FB-OZ28.
Note: This cable does not support remote channel change.
More Information: Click Me!

Important:Only use cables that are designed for the TX5804. Never directly connect it to a cable designed for ImmersionRC or Fatshark transmitters! The wiring is NOT compatible and will cause permanent damage. Please see the pinout drawings in the Detailed Images for connector & wire descriptions.

The TX5804 transmitter accepts a wide voltage range (6-28 VDC) and is compatible with 2S-6S LiPO battery packs. NEVER exceed the recommended maximum voltage or reverse the polarity. NEVER operate the transmitter without a proper antenna. Otherwise permanent damage will result and the warranty will be void.

The operating range will depend on the environment, installation, and other factors. As a guideline, using a 5-8dBi Patch antenna on a compatible receiver (not included) will provide about 1500 meters in wide open line-of-sight environments. Obstructions and interference sources will severely reduce its range.


Notice: This is a ham radio hobby type product. Using the TX5804 in the USA and most other countries will require an Amateur Radio license. Some countries may forbid its use. It is your responsibility to ensure that its use meets the requirements imposed by your government’s RF spectrum regulations. Do not purchase this product if you are unsure of the government requirements or are not able to comply with them.

Instructions for Setting the Frequency / Channel (Push Button):
Frequency selection is set by a push button. A bright LED display shows the channel number:

CH1= 5.740 GHz
CH2= 5.760 GHz
CH3= 5.780 GHz
CH4= 5.800 GHz
CH5= 5.820 GHz
CH6= 5.840 GHz
CH7= 5.860 GHz





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