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Vizion OSD

VIZION is a tiny on-screen display (OSD) that provides important text information on your video display. It accepts a standard NTSC or PAL video signal and overlays transparent white text on it.

Applications include video/still photography, hobby robotics, amateur radio, kite photography, and more. It's ideal for video vizionaries on a budget!

Aerial Image.Vizion is low cost, flexible, and quite easy to use. Using your camera's existing video signal, it adds station identification (call sign), elapsed time, two voltage measurements, DC current (up to 50 amps), mAh consumption, watts measurements, and radio signal status. It even supports an optional barometric altimeter which can show altitudes up to 32K feet.

Vizion is compatible with most composite video equipment. The video source can be a video camera or even a digital still camera (A/V output required). To display the video, a CRT monitor or wireless video transmitter is typically used.

Adding the Vizion OSD to your existing video system is very simple. A three conductor video cable provides bare wires for the composite Video-In, Video-Out, and Ground connections. They require basic soldering skills to install. The other cables are a simple plug-in installation.

Vizion feature Summary

  • Automatic station identification, at a user-defined interval.
  • Display local battery voltage and any external voltage to 40 VDC.
  • Current sensor displays 50 amps with ~0.1A resolution, mAh consumption (a.k.a. Battery Fuel Gauge), and watts.
  • Display elapsed time in a variety of formats.
  • R/C signal indicator with visual lost signal alert.
  • Remote on/off operation using a spare R/C channel.
  • Micro 5-way Joystick allows an easy user setup of all the features. No PC is required!
  • Compatible with Hexpert System's "ZLog" digital altimeter (available at additional cost).

Vizion Specifications (specifications subject to change)

  • Dimensions: 1.6" x 2.1"  (41mm x 53mm).
  • Weight: 0.9 ounces (25 grams), including current sensor.
  • Input Voltage Range: 6.5VDC to 15VDC. A 2-pin JST/BEC connector is provided.
  • Input Current: 30mA nominal.
  • Video Input/Output : NTSC (North America) and PAL (Europe), auto detect.
  • R/C Signal Input: Industry standard hobby model radio control format. A universal 3-pin R/C connector is provided.

The ZLog MOD3 altimeter is available separately

Optional Altimeter

The Vizion offers effortless integration with the popular ZLog digital altimeter. It simply plugs in and provides on-screen altitude information with one foot resolution! The ZLog also offers sophisticated data logging using its data storing features. The ZLog Altimeter is available at additional cost from Hexpert Systems. Please consult their web site for availability.

Demo Video

Demonstration Video: Click Me!

Instruction Manuals and Documentation

VIZION Instruction manual, Version 3.1
VIZION FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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