Video Diversity Controller Looking through the model airplane's cockpit

Brian R. of Maryland USA is a very satisfied Oracle user. Immediately after receiving his system he wanted to see for himself how it compared to a competing diversity product.  He was especially interested to know if Digital Product Company's unique video quality switching technology worked as well as a more expensive system that used traditional RF signal strength (RSSI) methods. 

He soon found himself recording a side-by-side video that showed the performance of both diversity systems. His split screen trickery was done during editing using two recorded videos that were acquired at exactly the same time. Brian picked a challenging setup since his test platform was a small electric model airplane that carried a wireless video camera. Even momentary loss of video can really take the joy out of his hobby. Without a video diversity system, periods of lost video were occurring at unexpected times. 

His mobile application is one that can easily experience unwanted video dropouts during the model's flight. This is due to the constantly changing antenna position and the usual multipath interference issues. Fortunately, Oracle came to his rescue. Brian was very please to see that both Oracle and his buddy's system worked exceptionally well. We appreciate that he is sharing his comparison video with us.

See a video clip Broadband version. File Size = 32Meg.
See a video clip Dial-Up version. File Size = 5Meg.

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