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Inspire OSD

Inspire is a sophisticated on-screen display (OSD) system that overlays extensive text data on industry standard composite video. The text data includes GPS coordinates, altitude, heading, and speed. Additional displayed data includes photo/event count, battery voltage, tachometer speed, and much more. GPS data logging is provided too!

Applications include professional photography, mapping services, hobby robotics, kite photography, amateur radio, and more. Frankly, we expect it will inspire all sorts of exciting video and telemetry applications.

OSD Text shown from toy kite.

The Inspire OSD system is housed in a compact enclosure that allows it to be mounted in small spaces. For example, it can be carried by a photography kite for taking low altitude mapping photos and videos. Needless to say, ambitious photography applications are no longer impossible!

Unlike some other OSD products, Inspire does not need a desktop computer to setup its features. Instead, such task are performed on-screen using a finger tip joystick and a convenient menu-based user interface. While out in the field, making changes to the system is a breeze.

Applications that involve remote photography and video are covered too. That's because industry standard hobby and commercial FM/PPM/PCM radio control (R/C) systems can be used to control Inspire's remote features. Inspire will even alert the operator if R/C signal problems are encountered.

Inspire is the ideal solution for applications that need GPS enabled telemetry data. Its micro-GPS module will display latitude, longitude, speed, heading, and altitude. Other sensors will display photo count, current, voltage, RPM, elapsed time, and more.

Waypoint Data Fields. Click for larger view.Besides the affordable micro-GPS module, Inspire is fully compatible with the popular Garmin Geko 201 handheld GPS receiver. When the Geko 201 is used instead of the micro-GPS, waypoint routing features are available. In the example screen shot shown at the left, the waypoint fields are active (highlighted by blue box). The data seen here shows that a 039 degree right turn is needed to head towards the route's next waypoint location. The arriving waypoint is number 08 and it is 0.03 miles away. So, it's no surprise that locating specific geographical sites is a breeze using the precise GPS data that is shown on the video screen.

On-board memory will store key GPS data for up to 999 locations. This information can be used to assign geographical data to aerial or land based photos and videos. Or it can be used for general information that you wish to recall later. The stored data can be reviewed on-screen or it can be sent to a PC for use in custom applications.

Feature Summary:

  • Clock/Timer can display local time, UTC time, or elapsed time.
  • Remote operation of data display and camera shutter.
  • R/C Glitch counter can capture up to 999 glitch events.
  • Data recorder can capture GPS information on up to 999 Photos/Events.
  • Displayed GPS altitude can be MSL or AGL.
  • Accurate ground referenced speed.
  • Tachometer provides real time display of RPM (up to 65K RPM).
  • Interval-based station ID (ham call sign or station name).
  • Real-time GPS based heading degrees, latitude and longitude.
  • GPS Waypoint bearing and steering indicators (user provided Garmin Geko GPS required).
  • Buffered GPS output provides NMEA sentences to external devices.
  • Export GPS records to your custom application via RS-232.
  • Displays up to 40VDC and current up to ±75 amps DC.
  • Displays radio system voltage.
  • Inspire board size 4.0"L x 2.4W x 0.4"H, weight 3 oz (add 0.5 oz if micro-GPS is installed).

Installing Inspire requires soldering skills and basic electronics knowledge. If necessary, please seek hands-on help from someone with such experience. Details to the Inpsire OSD can be found in the Manuals. Please see the documentation links below:

Instruction Manuals and Documentation

 User Manual, Version 3.3
Installation Manual, Rev D Hardware
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