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Lost Model Alarm

Lost Model Alarm

This Lost Model Alarm (LMA) produces a loud buzzer noise to help locate a missing R/C model. Compatible with nearly all modern R/C systems including AM/FM, PPM, PCM, and spread spectrum.

Operation is simple. First ensure your R/C receiver voltage is no higher than 5VDC and then plug the LMA inline with any main servo. As long as the servo sees some movement then everything will be fine. However, the alarm will be triggered if the servo remains unused (continuously) for one minute.

The alarm is a slow repeating beep sound. Once the alarm is triggered, it will continue to beep until R/C receiver power is turned off. So finding the missing model is as simple as locating the beep noise.

Because it works by sensing a lack of servo movement, it can be used with nearly any R/C system. Including many of the new spread spectrum radios that traditional LMA's won't work with.
  • Weight: 5 grams.
  • 5VDC operation, powered by R/C receiver.
  • Current Draw: 15mA average during an alarm.
  • Cable Length: 2.5 inches (60mm).
  • Connectors: Universal JR/Hitec style R/C connectors.
Insert the LMA between your R/C receiver and the servo. Choose a servo that will be remotely operated at least once a minute during normal use. If this servo remains unused for one minute the alarm will sound.

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