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JR Head Tracker Cable (PS2/3.5mm) for FatShark

JR Head Tracker Cable (PS2/3.5mm) for FatShark
This 1-meter long cable is used to connect the FatShark Goggle head tracking module to a compatible R/C transmitter that has a "JR" type trainer jack. One end has a 4-pin PS2 (mini-DIN) type connector and the other end has a 3.5mm phone plug.

The R/C transmitter must have a JR type trainer port jack and must be able to selectively assign trainer functions for the higher servo channels (CH5 - CH8) in order to work.

Examples of compatible R/C transmitters that use this cable:
FlySky THB9.
Turnigy 9X (not 9XR).
 iMAX 9X.
 Spektrum DX7s (latest firmware with programmable master function in the trainer menu).
 Spektrum DX8.
 Spektrum DX10T.

For the latest information on R/C transmitter head tracker compatibility please see this FatShark published information: Click Me!

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